• Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-REV7: is this finally the Pioneer DJ revolution we wanted? (DJTechTools
  • Pioneer DJ has launched two new Serato controllers with a totally new design – the DDJ-REV-1 and the DDJ-REV-7. (DJMag
  • AIAIAI and Richie Hawtin have unveiled TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ headphone for producers. (Magnetic
  • Native Instruments launches subscription service Komplete Now. It will feature synths, drum machines, effects and more. (Magnetic
  • Pioneer CDJ-3000 can now play tracks from your Dropbox cloud storage. (RA
  • Ecler to return with a new mixer in 2022. (DJTechTools
  • Hercules has launched a new portable controller designed to use with smartphones. (DJMag
  • The new Numark Mixstream Pro. (Magnetic
  • A love letter to Rosie, the first mixer made just for DJs. (DJTechTools)  
  • DJ advice from Steve Bug: “Learn how to beat match, no matter what equipment you’re using” (DJTechTools
  • Five ways to separate acapellas and stems in 2021. (DJMag
  • Serato DJ Pro now supports Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-3000 players in HID mode. (DJMag
  • DJ gear: prices going up, supply low -- here's why + what every DJ should do right now. (DJTechTools)
  • Moog is facing both a discrimination lawsuit and a lawsuit over an alleged contract breach related to the cancellation of their 2020 festival. (Mixmag
  • Subpac, makers of wearable subwoofer tech, and SONARWORKS, one of the world’s most popular acoustic correction plugins and companies, are teaming up to add SoundID references to Subpac’s C1 hardware. (DJMag) 
  • Mixcloud has revealed a new feature, Mixcloud Studio. (RA
  • Mixxx – the free DJ software – gets a major update with 2.3.0 release. (DJTechTools
  • Pioneer DJ and fashion icon Virgil Abloh have announced a special collaboration in the form of a limited edition DDJ-1000 controller for Serato. (Magentic
  • Native Instruments introduces TRAKTOR PRO 3.5 with CDJ-3000 integration. (RA
  • Splice has announced a new plugin called Bridge that lets users browse their sample collections in time and key with their current DAW project. (DJMag
  • VirtualDJ has announced a new Summer 2021 version, that includes the ability to export both Playlists and individual stems from any song straight to USB to work with any CDJ or XDJ hardware. (DJMag
  • Numark has announced two new Party Mix controllers, both featuring RGB lighting that syncs to the music. (DJMag
  • Akai announces MPC One Retro. (RA
  • Ableton is hosting an online event called Loop Create, a one-day virtual conference for music-makers, on  26 June. (Ableton
  • CDJ-3000 Artist Series: ZEDD Interview (PioneerDJ
  • Beginner's Guide: Midi vs Audio (DJMag
  • Technics’ new “affordable” SL-100C turntable has no pitch fader. (DJTechTools)
  • Technics has introduced a new direct drive turntable to their SL range – the 1200MK7. (DJMag
  • Reloop has announced a new, small two-channel controller for Serato called Ready. (DJMag
  • NI Maschine+ review: the ultimate standalone music-making device? (DJMag
  • deadmau5 has launched his latest performance tool, a plugin called OSC/PAR. (EDM
  • Pioneer DJ’s new VM Series speakers: built with at-home musicians in mind. (DJTechTools
  • Free open source audio software Audacity gets a major update. (RA
  • Beginner's Guide: Compression (DJMag
  • Denon DJ’s SC6000, SC6000M PRIME get Serato DJ integration and full RGB waveforms. (DJTechTools
  • Serato and Splice join forces to launch arcade-inspired music production competition. (
  • Ableton Live 11 is available now. (DJMag)
  • Novation has announced a new all-in-one groovebox called Circuit Tracks. (DJMag
  • Studio Icons: Roland TR-808 (iDJ
  • Denon DJ SC6000 review: the CDJ’s first genuine alternative? (DJMag
  • DJ software giants Serato are hosting a month-long five-part series of streams on their Twitch channel, celebrating the history of Black music in America. (DJMag
  • Native Instruments has announced that Traktor is now compatible with macOS Big Sur. (DJMag
  • Gearslutz – one of the world’s most popular and longest-running music production and engineering forums has issued a statement saying it will change its name and drop the ‘-slutz’ following a petition signed by over 4,500 people. (DJMag)
  • Beginner’s Guide: Reverb (DJMag
  • KORG announces desktop ARP 2600 and miniKORG 700S remake. (RA
  • Pioneer DJ has launched a new two-channel battle mixer, the DJM-S7. (DJTechTools
  • PLAYdifferently announces MODEL 1.4 DJ mixer. (RA
  • RANE unveils new motorised DJ controller, the RANE ONE. (Mixmag
  • Behringer to update BCR2000 MIDI Controller with Zaquencer sequencer. (RA
  • VERSELAB-MV1 is the new production workstation from Roland. (Mixmag
  • Sequential has announced desktop versions of its Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 synthesisers will be released in February. (RA
  • Ibiza 2.0 is a new DJ soundsystem from L-Acoustics. (Mixmag
  • Apple has unveiled its new over-ear headphones dubbed AirPods Max, with a hefty price tag of £549. (BBC)
  • English producers Darkstar are releasing a sample pack with Spitfire Audio. (RA)
  • Behringer has been accused of allegedly copying the design of the Arturia KeyStep with their new product Swing. (DJMag
  • Review: SSL Six Desktop Mixer (Magnetic
  • Algoriddim has introduced a new version of their super popular DJing software djay. (DJMag
  • Pioneer DJ has announced a new controller – the DDJ-FLX6: a Rekordbox/Serato DJ controller with new FX and scratch features. (DJTechTools
  • Ableton has updated its music-making software Live to version 11. The new version features some long-awaited additions, including comping, MPE support, linked tracks, new devices and tweaks to existing favourites, CPU meters per channel and more. (DJMag
  • Honey Dijon, Benji B, Eats Everything and more discuss Pioneer DJ's CDJ-3000. (Mixmag
  • Korg has introduced a new hardware synth called opsix. The FM synth uses the same form factor as its range of minilogue and monologue synths and promises to make the notoriously difficult form of synthesis easier to program. (DJMag
  • The best DJ controllers under £250 in 2020. (DJMag
  • Moog Music has announced a new limited-edition theremin called the Claravox Centennial. (DJMag
  • Aphex Twin has collaborated with music tech company Novation on a new synthesizer, AFX Station. (RA
  • The 5 products that shaped DJ history. (DJTechTools
  • Understanding the CDJ-3000. (RA
  • Review: Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 (Magnetic)
  • Rival headphones and wireless speakers have disappeared from Apple's online store amid reports that they're about to launch their own new audio product. (iNews p3, BI)
  • Create/OS has made an online record deal simulator that lets users forecast how many streams they’ll need to turn a profit, based on figures like record label advance, the percentage split, marketing costs and deal type. (DJMag
  • A brief history of synthesizers. [video] (Soundfly
  • Five things we learned about the new Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000. (DJMag
  • Arturia has introduced the PolyBrute analog synth, a six-voice analogue-digital hybrid poly. (Magnetic
  • Denon DJ has added new features to their PRIME range via an update to Engine OS. (DJMag
  • Native Instruments has announced the latest edition in its MASCHINE range, MASCHINE+. (RA
  • Pioneer DJ has announced the next-gen industry-standard DJ player the CDJ-3000. (DJMag
  • Algoriddim introduces Neural Mix Pro, an AI-driven music editing app for producers. (DJTechTools
  • Serato has added Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK streaming to their DJ software in a new beta, Serato DJ Pro 2.4. (DJMag
  • Review: Toolroom Academy’s online DJ Masterclass. (DJTechTools
  • Roland is to celebrate the TR-808 drum machine's 40th birthday this year with a mini documentary and free plug-in. (DJMag
  • Review: Can Virtual DJ really create acapellas, instrumentals and isolate stems in real-time? (DJ Mag
  • The headphones that even a DJ can't break? (BBC - Ben Morris) 
  • Roland has released the 2.0 version update for their TR-8S Rhythm Performer. (Magnetic
  • Rane releases MKII editions of Seventy-Two mixer and Twelve controller. (DJTechTools
  • Co-founder Daniel Haver and Mate Galic are to step down as CEO and President of Native Instruments on 1 October 2020. (MusicTech
  • Saffron, a non-profit organisation working to support and champion female-identifying and non-binary people (womxn) in music technology, have launched a Patreon digital members club. (DJ Mag)  
  • Akai Professional has revealed details of the MPK Mini MK3. (Mixmag
  • Denon DJ has added Beatport LINK and SoundCloud GO+ to its Engine OS v1.5 update. (DJ Mag
  • Native Instruments have released a new Community Drive sound pack with over 200 loops and one-shots from artists including SIA, Junkie XL, Laurel Halo and more. (DJ Mag)  
  • Getting the most out of rekordbox. (RA
  • Teenage Engineering is launching a revenue-share scheme for Black and POC artists. (DJ Mag
  • Roland and Korg have been fined £5.5m by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) watchdog for price-fixing in the UK. (DJ Mag
  • Native Instruments has announced a series of "initial steps towards ongoing change” in efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the company. (Mixmag
  • Novation has launched a series of live streams covering discussions and panels around technology, creativity and inspiration. (Novation)
  • Novation has announced a new range of their Launchkey controllers. (DJ Mag
  • CDR launches free online workshops for new and experienced producers. (RA
  • Native Instruments has been accused of failing to acceptably address concerns about racism raised within the company by former and current employees. (Mixmag
  • Pioneer DJ has updated rekordbox to version 6.0.2, addressing some bugs reported by users since the new version dropped earlier this year. (DJ Mag
  • Algoriddim has added a new feature to its Djay app for iOS which can automatically separate vocals and drum tracks for mixing. (Verge
  • Isolate vocals, drums, melodies in real-time with the new version of VirtualDJ.  (DJ Mag)  
  • Review: d16 Punchbox (Magnetic
  • Make an album in six weeks!: How to boost your productivity during lockdown. (iDJ
  • InMusic has acquired Stanton: here’s what the acquisition could mean for DJs (DJTechTools)
  • Arturia announces new virtual synth OB-Xa V. (Mixmag
  • Apple reveals major update to Logic Pro X. (RA
  • MasterSounds have launched the third generation of their popular Radius mixers. (DJ Mag
  • Moog has announced a new synth called the Subharmonicon which is based on two classic electronic instruments from the ’30s and ’40s. (DJ Mag
  • How to stream DJ sets to Instagram from your computer. (DJ Mag
  • Serato has made their DJ software Play free until the end of May. (DJ Mag
  • How FL Studio changed electronic music forever. (DJ Mag
  • Pioneer DJ announce rekordbox 6 with cloud storage and sync. (DJ Mag
  • Universal Audio announced a new DAW and zero-latency recording platform LUNA at NAMM 2020, and it's now available to download for free. (DJ Mag
  • Ableton tutorial with Hannah Holland. [video] (DJ Mag
  • Serato has released a new Free Edition of Serato Studio. (Verge
  • Beatport Link announces new integration: Hercules DJuced 5. (RotD
  • Apple have made its flagship music-making product Logic Pro X free for 90 days. (DJ Mag
  • Native Instruments have made their Kontakt instrument Analog Dreams free until 31 March. (DJ Mag
  • 9 free plug-ins to get your production popping in self-isolation. (Mixmag)
  • 9 free music making tools (DJ Mag
  • Moog and Korg are offering synth apps for free while we’re all stuck at home. (Verge
  • Ableton has launched a new Max for Live device called FlexGroove. (DJ Mag
  • Native Instruments are to discontinue a long list of products, including various versions of the Traktor DJ software and a raft of third-party sample libraries. (Music Radar
  • The 8 best TB-303 clones according to the artists who use them. (DJ Mag
  • Pioneer DJ, now known as AlphaTheta, has been sold by owners KKR equity firm to Japanese company Noritsu for $606 million. (DJ Mag)

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